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An Introduction

Hey Branches!

        I am so excited to be joining this amazing team at a larger capacity. I have been so blessed to have been a part of Branches since 2006. Seeing what God has done, is doing, and dreaming of what He wants to continue to do in our community and beyond is a part of my DNA. I have lived in Scappoose for the last 22 years and my heart burns for the people of Columbia County. My heart burns for people who are far from God. It hurts me to see people striving so hard for things that will not fulfill what their soul truly longs for. What we all long for is a relationship with Jesus, healthy relationships with people, and a purpose to live for each day. That sounds simple, but it can be so difficult to walk out on a daily basis. We need support. We need accountability. We need to be reminded daily of what God has placed in front of us. This is why we meet together, why we read the same text over and over, why we sing and why we preach. To be reminded and encouraged of who God is, and who God says we are. But there are people all around us who are missing out!

      We all have friends, coworkers, family, even enemies, who are living a life apart from the love, accountability, support and community of God and His people. Let’s continue to create a place where those people can come and meet Jesus. Let’s create a place where people far from God can come near. Let’s believe that every single time we gather together in Jesus' name, that He shows up and begins to work in the lives of those in the room, regardless of their past. Regardless of what they were up to Monday through Saturday. Regardless of their behavior, let’s show people that they already belong! While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) He didn’t wait for us to behave, he didn’t even wait for us to believe, before he extended an opportunity for us to belong.

       This is what we are talking about when we say that we are building a church we can bring our friends to. We want to create a place where our friends can be swept up by the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus! A place where people can come and belong, and believe.

Love you guys!