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Furnace and Baptisms

This Week at Branches

Wow! What an amazing day last Sunday! I may be experiencing the warmest welcome a new leader has ever experienced when stepping into a place of responsibility. And what a blessing you all have been to Brian and his family as they move into the next season of their life. Sunday morning was a testament to our heart for people! It is evidence of our desire to see God move in our community through our church! What a beautiful thing for us to be a part of! Let's do something extraordinary for those in extraordinary need! There are people in all of our lives who are spiritually crippled and long to be able to walk again! If we can get them to the feet of Jesus, they will experience who He is! That is where the power is.

Friday Furnace
Don't miss out this Friday! We are doing a Furnace event at 6pm here at the church. Join us in fasting for the day and meeting together to worship and pray. Food and childcare will be provided.

Sunday Baptism Celebration
So often we find ourselves in a place of need, searching for an answer. We look all over to find the solution to our problem. We look to culture to tell us how to live but we only find ourselves running in circles around our struggles rather than facing them head on and defeating them. Aren't we tired of circling? Are you tired of searching? Are you tired of feeling defeated?

The answer is always found in the last place you look. (That's what my Dad always says!) This week, we not only celebrate people getting baptized, we will end our search for the solution to life's greatest struggle. Don't miss out!

Love you guys!