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Baptism Celebration

     Wow! What an amazing day Sunday was for us as a church family! So many people making bold statements about Jesus through baptism. These are the times where we as a church have the opportunity to truly celebrate what God is up to in our community. We get to see a little piece of heaven on Earth in moments like these.

This Week at Branches
This week begins our Christmas series, "Branches Christmas for Columbia County". We will be walking through specific moments in the Christmas story, and seeing how those moments correlate to moments in our own lives. The implications the Christmas story has for us are huge! They call us to action, they remind us of who we are, and they point to power of Jesus in our lives! We are excited to share these moments with you. But we also want to share these moments with your friends and family who have yet to experience who Jesus is in their lives.

Christmas Eve
Speaking of your friends and family, we announced our Christmas Eve service times this Sunday! You can find those event times by going into the events page in the app, or heading to our website to check those out. Tickets for the 5 services will be available this week at the info kiosk. We ask that you take one ticket per person in your family, as well as a ticket for any friends or extended family members you plan to bring. They are specific to each service time. Grab them while they are still available! They are free by the way! So bring a friend.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday to launch our Christmas series together! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Love you guys,


P.S. Who misses Branches Turkey Bowl?