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Volunteer Profile - Dave

Name: Dave
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate malted crunch
Favorite Pass Time: Remodeling projects that go on and on and take years to finish
Where He Serves: Production Team - Slides
What He Enjoys Most About Serving: I first joined the production team shortly after starting to attend Branches as a way to connect and get involved. I quickly realized that the behind the scene roles the production team plays are vital to a smooth worship service that is free from distraction. I love that I get to be part of a team that contributes in many ways to help create an environment where we can focus on worshipping our creator and savior together as a church family on Sundays. I've also found that the couple hours before the service starts, when the worship team is practicing and we're working to get everything dialed in, is one of my favorite and most cherished times of worship all week.
Dave, along with the rest of the production team members, is dedicated to creating an environment where people can enter into a distraction free engagement with God and with others. This team understands that even the smallest distraction can keep people from hearing what is said from the stage or even what the Holy Spirit is speaking to their heart in that moment. As Branches continues to build a church we can bring our friends to, people like Dave are a crucial part of allowing those who are far from God to come near. Branches is grateful for the many volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to creating a place where people can belong before they behave. 
If you are at all interested in joining a team at Branches, maybe even the production team, don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us know! You can do that on Sundays at the info kiosk, or you can click here and fill out our online form.