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Volunteer Profile - Christopher Mock

Name: Christopher Mock
Favorite Ice Cream: "I prefer cookies!"
Where He Serves: Security Director, Small Group Leader, Board Member (Former)

Christopher (not Chris) has been serving at Branches in some capacity since the beginning. I remember sitting in my parents living room in 2008, Christopher was leading a small group there, and Brandy and I were newly engaged. That small group experience will forever resonate in our relationship. Much of that credit goes to Christopher for diligently leading that group and facilitating great conversations around things of faith. He still does this with a small group that meets at his house each week. He is also in charge of our security team. He is actually the one who started this team in the first place. He is the longest standing volunteer at Branches in the same role. This is an example of just how faithful Christopher is as a person. And it shows in so many other areas. The relationships he has with people shows his faithfulness. He has been married to Diane for 49 years and they are an amazing example of unconditional love and commitment.

Christopher has also served on the Board of Elders at Branches for the last 10 years. Yet another example of his commitment and faithfulness to seeing God move in our city and our community. He served as the Secretary for most of those 10 years. As of August 11th, Christopher has stepped down from his role as a Board member at Branches. It was with great honor and respect that the Board accepted his resignation. There were lots of hugs, some tears, and great thankfulness when Christopher presented us with his letter of resignation (attached below).

In an email to myself, Christopher said, "One of the things...that influenced my decision to give my spot up, was the great diversity & character of the board at this time." We currently have 4 board members at Branches with the potential addition of one or two more in the next month. The current members are Jim Mask, Sandra Barrett, Jon Kangas, and myself. We will be sharing any future additions as they come, through this blog and our website.

Christopher is still continuing to lead our security team and facilitate his small group in his home. You will still see him saying hello to people as they walk in, helping people find an open seat in the auditorium, and saying hi to people who seem to be new to Branches. While he will no longer hold a position with a title that communicates influence, he will continue to have a lasting influence on my leadership at Branches, as a husband to Brandy, as a Dad to my kids, and as a Jesus follower in my every day life. Thank you Christopher for years of service! We all look forward to continuing to be a part of a church we can bring our friends to, so that people far from God can come near to Him.

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