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Branches Kids News

At Branches, we really care about our kids! It is critical to capture the hearts of our kids as early as possible. We strive to create an experience for your kids that is fun and inviting, and teaches them about Jesus and God's word. We are not babysitters. We are influencers.

There have been some changes happening in our kids department. It started with the installation of the the new check-in kiosks in the commons. We are still optimizing the check-in process, but we have seen a lot of benefits from this change. Another area of focus was curriculum. Branches Kids started using a new curriculum with more focused lessons for specific ages, better volunteer tools to empower our volunteer leaders, and a parent app called "Parent Cue" which allows parents to know what their kids are learning and gives tools to engage kids at home with the lessons they are learning on Sundays.

We are now beginning to address classroom sizes. If you have a Preschooler, Kindergartener, or First Grader, you may have noticed a change in classroom location. We have pulled the Kindergarteners out of the Preschoolers classroom, and created a new classroom for Kindergarten and First Grade. We are already seeing more manageable class sizes! This is great news because that means that your kids are getting more attention and a better experience! There are more adjustments to be made to classroom locations and layouts so be looking for some of those changes happening over the next couple of months.

We recognize that Branches is growing. We are working to plan for that growth, which means you are going to see our kids environments and classrooms in flux for the next few months as we do some shuffling. BUT DON'T FEAR! We will soon have clear building signage to guide you to the right classrooms as well as other locations in the building. This will also help your friends navigate during their first visit.

One of the great opportunities that comes with a growing church is the opportunity to partner with us as we work to serve our community well. The additional classrooms and the growing number of kids showing up necessitates more team members to support that growth. If you are passionate about seeing young kids learn about Jesus and God's word, Branches Kids could be an amazing place for you to serve! You can click here and fill out the Volunteer Interest Form to find out more information. Filling out the form doesn't equal a commitment, but rather an interest to learn more.

We are continuing to find better ways to serve you and your kids! If you have feedback, please feel free to fill out the form below. We would love to hear from you!