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Saying Thank You To Jim

Jim Mask

Jim Mask has been a friend and mentor to me in many ways over the last decade. I remember countless hours spent with him up in his wood shop at his home, building things for Branches sets. I spent a winter up there with him as he helped me build a diaper table when Brandy and I were pregnant with our first son, Cohen. He coached me on how to best build a kitchen table. He allowed me to use his shop to build my boys' bunk beds. And I have attempted to teach him how to weld in return. (You are better than you think you are Jim!) But more than a skilled craftsman, Jim is a true friend and a great spiritual influencer. He has always reminded me to stop and listen for God's voice. To consider God's perspective in any given situation. Jim is also one of the most generous men I know. He is generous with his time, talent, and treasure. Jim inspires me to never take my self too seriously and to always be eager to learn and to grow. He is a reminder that age really is only a number, and that our time on Earth is about the eternal impact our lives will have on the individuals around us.

Jim has been a faithful servant at Branches since 2008, but he has been serving people in Columbia County since 1981. He has contributed to Branches in a number of ways. As a Small Group Leader, playing organ on the worship team, building sets, designing kids environments, and endless other things. Jim has also served on Branches' Board of Elders since 2009 where he has continually shared his life experiences and love for Jesus. In December, Jim handed me his letter of resignation from the board. It was a bitter sweet moment as he has been a great friend and a valued addition to our Elder team. Jim shared that he feels his time as an Elder at Branches has come to an end. He is confident in the current team that is in place and the trajectory of our church. So as of January 1st, Jim has stepped down from his position as an Elder. But Jim isn't going anywhere! He has recently found a passion for ministry inside the Columbia County Jail, working with inmates to come to know the power of a life in Christ. Just last month Jim and a few others had the privilege of baptizing 15 inmates! What an incredible thing to be a part of! Jim will be spending more time devoted to this new found passion of his, as well as other passions he feels God calling him to.

You will still catch Jim utilizing his creativity on stage behind his Hammond B3 organ, or building creative things with his hands around the building. You will still witness Jim on a Sunday morning cracking corny jokes and making people laugh as come into the building expecting to encounter God. Jim will continue to be an influence in the life of Branches as he will continue to be a source of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for the team. And I will of course always cherish the time I have spent with him over the last 12 years.

If you see him, give him a hug and thank him for the many years he has devoted to seeing God move in our city and our county.

"Thank you for allowing me to be a small cog in a huge awesome work of God in our community. I look forward to continuing to run hard in whatever capacity our Lord and Savior directs"
-Jim Mask-