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Toxic to Transformed

Roughly a year ago, a local landlord was asked if she could recommend a church.  She did just that.  Her suggestion?  Branches.

Soon after, and with two kids in tow, a young single mom crossed the threshold of our church doorway. Her intention?  She was hungry for the Savior she’d found in a jail cell - that place where God had tracked her down and captured her undivided attention.  
Finding seats, she and her young son listened to the message.  With each spoken word, tears began to roll.  

What a relief to find that the preacher wasn’t actually sitting on a pedestal.  Instead, he set aside his own personal ego and authentically shared how he’d found Jesus in the midst of similar struggles and less-than-best life decisions.   

She decided to come back - sporadically.  Each time, it was a significant emotional experience as God’s word fell on her heart like water on parched soil.  

Having searched for a sense of belonging her entire life, she soon realized that God had led her to the place where she needed to be.  A place where He would grow her faith, provide her with friends, and introduce her to an altogether different kind of family.  The result?  In April, she decided to join us on a regular basis.

Weeks later, baptism was offered as a next step for people who’d received Jesus as their personal Savior.  She said, “yes.”  It meant a lot to publicly proclaim her love for Jesus.

Eager to grow in her faith, she responded to an invitation to sign up for Starting Point. At the conclusion, a friend suggested that she participate in the Rooted small group experience.  

Next thing you know, she’s experiencing community with an interesting and endearing assortment of other believers who are equally intent on learning more about the rhythms of Christian faith.

A year ago, she was overwhelmed by the awareness of personal sin and need for forgiveness. In her words, she felt like an infant in desperate need of acceptance and nurturing love.  The kind her grandma offered.

Currently, she feels more like a child who’s learned to walk, is developing traction by moving forward and who is focused on connecting with others as she grows in her relationship with Jesus. 

The toxic life that was so drudgingly familiar is giving way to a supernatural internal transformation - the kind that only a loving and oh-so-patient God can accomplish.

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