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Branches Kids Director

If you attended services on February 23rd, you heard that not only is our Kids attendance growing in Branches Kids, but so is our team at Branches Kids!

We have a huge desire to create amazing environments for our Kids at Branches. We want to see kids learn to love God, and not fight coming to church to hear more about Him! And there is so much potential to see God do amazing things in our Kids department.

We have already seen kids memorizing bible verses, retelling bible stories, and deciding to be baptized! These are huge things to celebrate! And we want to see more! We have been able to purchase a curriculum that comes with the app, Parent Cue, which provides parents with resources to engage kids in conversations at home. We have heard stories about families talking about spiritual things at home for the very first time. There are more stories and more examples of the fantastic things going on in our Kids department. And we are hopeful and excited to see more of this happen in the future. But we have realized that something is in our way.

Recently we have run into an obstacle that will keep us from being able to keep up this kind of momentum. That obstacle is TIME! Our Kids Director, Jon Kangas, is functioning as a volunteer. That means his time is limited. With all that is required to support the 50+ volunteers and serve 90+ kids every Sunday, a volunteer isn't enough. To realize all of the potential in Branches Kids, Jon asked the board to make room for us to hire someone part-time to continue building the momentum, build the team, and serve the kids. So we are officially hiring a part-time Kids Director for Branches Kids! We are excited to see what happens when someone can devote focused energy toward growing our Kids program and our Kids team!

We are looking for someone with a passion for kids, experience leading large volunteer teams, and someone who is ok with a part-time wage. The person who is a good fit for this position will be able to work very efficiently and on tight timelines. You can view the job description below. We have already received resumes for the job and will begin processing resumes and applications later this month. If you or someone you know is interested, please send resumes to We are accepting them through March 31st.

Please pray with us as we seek out the best fit for this position.