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Meet Dani...

Dani Sipe

Kids Director

Temperament: Yellow 20, Red 10
Favorite Bible Verse: Right now? Romans 14:19
Favorite Movie: While You Were Sleeping — It's a 90's movie.
Favorite Book: Anne of Green Gables
Theme Song: Should I say..."Everything is Awesome"? my actual theme song is probably Newsboys - Shine or Francesca Battistelli - He Knows My Name.
Desired Super Power: Flying...absolutely flying!
Hobbies & Interests: Running, reading, baking, going to the beach (ocean or river)
Favorite Spiritual Discipline: Service
Me in 5 or Less: I believe in being the most authentic version of yourself without hurting anyone unnecessarily. I want to spend my life affecting legitimate positive change in as many people’s lives as I realistically can. I am confident in the reality that I will always be learning and growing and that nothing is constant in this world except Jesus’s unconditional love for us silly humans. I also believe that it is our privileged duty to share God’s love with the children that he so readily welcomes into his kingdom. I believe in living life with fun and making sure not to take yourself too seriously.