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Daniel Knutson

Daniel Knutson

Lead Pastor, Board President

Daniel grew up attending church, but in his teen years he found himself in a dark place. Struggling with addiction, his knowledge that God existed remained, but he simply didn't care. Then, in 2007, he found and started regularly attending Branches. Through the connections he formed here, God began to change the direction of Daniel's life and heart.
In 2008, free from addiction, he enrolled in Portland Bible College to pursue a degree in theology. In 2009, married to Brandy, it was time to start a family. Now with 4 kids and a dog, their free time is spent together in the outdoors, often pursuing rock climbing.
Daniel's passion is to see people who are far from God come near to him. Both he and Brandy desire to see God move in the midst of Columbia County and the people who live there.

Timmy Rotter

Youth Pastor

Being raised in the church wasn't enough to keep Timmy attending as a young adult. It wasn't until age 22 that God used Branches to bring Timmy back to Him. Since that day he has experienced an immense amount of growth in faith and devotion to Jesus.
Timmy's overriding passion is to have others, especially youth and young adults, experience the same growth and connection with Christ that he has. The opportunity to have influence at a pivotal point in a young person's life trajectory brings purpose and fulfillment to his life.
Timmy has two children with his wife, Briana. When he isn't at home with his family he can be found out in the woods. An avid mushroom hunter, he believes he spends way too much time in the spring and fall looking for them.

Michael Curl

Director of Communications & Service Programming

An Army brat, with all of the moves and sightseeing that entails, Michael grew up in a mildly Catholic home and made a conscious decision early on that God could not exist. He then spent a significant amount of energy and time trying to convince other people of this "fact". At 19, after gaining a wonderful friend, having a crazy encounter with prophecy, and meeting Jesus for the first time, Michael became a Christian and hasn't looked back.
Fast forward a bit: boy meets girl, Michael marries Aaryn, and they move to Oregon shortly after. "Settling in", they found Branches in 2011 and Michael has been serving here ever since.
They, along with their two kids, love to watch movies, be out in nature, spend time with friends, and travel around the Northwest and beyond.

Josh Boyer

Music Director

Born and raised in Colorado, Josh moved to Scappoose in 2007. Growing up in a musical household meant Josh was always trying new instruments. When he found the drums it was like coming home. Incredibly, as a self-taught drummer, he went on to record professionally and volunteered with the Branches Youth worship team, all while attending Scappoose High School. After graduating in 2011, Josh went on to study Theology and Worship at Portland Bible College. During this season Josh became the Youth and Worship Pastor at his home church, Scappoose Foursquare. In 2017 he departed ministry to follow God's leading to Cathedral Coffee. It is there he met the love of his life, Anna. Together, he and his wife now attend Branches.
As a couple, they enjoy game nights with friends. They also have a heart and passion for the nation of Japan and to see the Name of Jesus lifted high as people encounter the living God in worship.

Dani Sipe

Kids Director

Born into a Christian family, Dani spent much of her young life avoiding making faith her own. After years of anger and bitterness toward God's apparent absence, she came to the realization that He had been beside her the whole time. This freeing revelation is evident whenever you talk to Dani in person.
At Branches, she found herself volunteering in the Kids Department for several years...and loving it! When a position for Kids Director opened she was hesitant to apply, but God's gentle insistence and her love of children won her over and we are so glad that she did! The things she loves most about serving children is their loud, infectious enthusiasm for life and that joy she carries with her into her department. When she isn't running her department with a smile, she can be found with her husband and their three children out on adventures or just chillin' around the house. This is good, because she loves to bake and that pairs well with her favorite seasons: Fall and Winter.

Board of Elders

Ryan Cook

Board Treasurer, Elder

An Oregon native, Ryan lived in Scappoose as a kid. At a young age, Ryan's parents moved the entire family to Mexico to work as missionaries for a year. When they came back to the states they landed in Phoenix, AZ. Most of Ryan's growing up took place in Phoenix, including high school and Northern Arizona University where he completed a business degree.
Ryan met his wife, Jessica, while serving as the Music & Media Pastor at Desert Breeze Community Church. From 2009 to 2014 they moved to Portland, became church planters, became parents of three kids, and wound up back in Scappoose.
Ryan loves just about anything related to music and technology, but also loves traveling and just spending some quality time with the family.

Briana Rotter

Board Secretary, Elder

From a very young age, Briana was taught about Jesus and raised in the church. While she is grateful for that upbringing now, her teenage years were spent in anger and bitterness at her family. It wasn't until Briana reached her 20's when the Holy Spirit started to open her eyes to grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Even today she is moved to tears at the story of the gospel.
Briana has a long history of serving at Branches, specifically in the Kids and Youth departments. Now, she has turned her considerable administrative gifts to the Finance Committee and the Board of Elders where her unique insights and experience in the nonprofit sector really shine.
When not helping around the church or teaching as a nurse educator, Briana has found a new favorite hobby: cooking dinner at home with her 3 year old.

Sandra Barrett


At the age of 14, Sandra met Jesus Christ, and it was love at first sight. From then on, her life has been dedicated to sharing with others what she has so richly received from Him. That pursuit has led her to many interesting places, including Africa, where she served with the Wycliffe Bible Translators ministry.
Sandra, has walked with countless people on their path to getting to know God, and her passion is to see that work never end. Most days, you can find her as the friendliest face in a coffee shop and we are blessed by that same presence here at Branches.
Never one to sit still for long, Sandra spends a lot of her free time in the outdoors, looking for pretty rocks, hunting, or just being with friends and family.