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Be Rich is a movement of generosity.

“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”

1 Timothy 6:18

Each Fall, we join hundreds of other churches across the globe partnering with exceptional nonprofits doing incredible work in their local communities through the Be Rich Campaign.

When we give and serve, we show God's love.
Here are some ways you can be rich:

Join us this fall!

Every penny goes to great projects with great nonprofits.  We don't shoot for a dollar amount but aim for 100% participation. In the meantime, consider partnering with Branches financially.

With your time!

Every hour makes an impact. Tap the "SERVE" box and get signed up to help make an impact!

Your neighbor!

Take some time to let a public servant of your choice know that you love, appreciate, and are praying for them!

Into all the world!

Checkout our missions partners as well as current opportunities to Go into all the World!

Your donation makes a difference!

Our nonprofit partners are doing invaluable work in our local community and your donation—every penny!—goes to support the needs and efforts of these organizations right here in our backyard.
Your contribution funds projects that are game changers for our nonprofits and life changers for those they serve. In addition, every hour served with the nonprofit helps them accomplish more and communicate dignity and value to those they serve.
Together, we are making a difference!
How does it work?  Glad you asked!
Each Fall, Branches runs our Be Rich  Giving Campaign. You'll have an opportunity to make a donation to the Be Rich giving campaign. 

Meet the 2023 non-profit partners!

Riverside Community

Hi, I'm Abby Olson, the founder and director of Riverside Community Outreach. We provide care for children at risk for entering the foster care system, support foster families who are caring for children, and work to empower birth families for a successful reunification. There are over 11,000 children in foster care in the state of Oregon and you do not need to be a foster parent to help! Thank you, Be Rich, for helping with support and care!

High School

I'm Ryan Fast, and together with my wife Erin, we represent CRU High School: a ministry that seeks to build self-sustaining, student-led high school clubs. These clubs function as a safe-space for students to explore spiritual and theological matters while encountering the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ! When you come alongside us through Be Rich, you help create, sustain, and empower student leaders in your community to bring the gospel to their peers.


Michelle's Love's Mission is to help relieve  the stress of single parents undergoing cancer treatment. Our organization strives to ease daily responsibilities by offering financial relief, house cleaning, and meals, allowing parents more time to heal
and spend with their children.