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Jobs at Branches

Paid Staff

Nothing currently available, we are fully staffed at the moment.

Volunteer Opportunities

Painting Job

We have been working on improving Branches kitchen area.  A lot of work has taken place but we still need some painting done.
A large cabinet, some duct work and the ceiling need to be painted.  
If you are interested in serving your church with this project please email

Building Maintenance Jobs

Branches building is very old and often needs some tender care and repair.  Sometime it's as simple as changing some furnace filters.  Sometimes we need more technical skills to move an electrical plug.  Occasionally we need a small team of people to pull up old flooring and lay new flooring.  Other times we just need someone to show up with a truck and take stuff to the dump.  

Can  you help your Branches family if a need arises?  

If so, please email and say you want to be o the Building Maintenance Helper list.  When we have a need we will email the list of helpers to see who has the skill and the time to help out.