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Meet Josh...

Eric Freimuth


Temperament: I don't know. If I was to guess I would say red.
Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 24:15
Favorite Movie: Avatar
Favorite Book: Safely Home by Randy Alcorn
Theme Song: Wind Beneath My Wings
Desired Super Power: Flying
Hobbies & Interests: Woodworking, walking on the beach with my wife, rebuilding or repairing. Working on golf...but not much success.
Favorite Spiritual Discipline: Discipleship and teaching others
Me in 5 or Less: I am a dedicated, committed individual who is willing to help others when it is within my power. I tend to be bigger than life but am working on that as well. I am very social and outgoing. I encourage others to be the best "them" that God designed. I love sending morning messages to all my friends and family, hoping that God stirs something in them and starts their day with a ray of hope and love.