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Volunteer Profile - Zack

Name: Zack
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
Favorite pass time: Fishing and Wakeboarding
Baptized: July 29th, 2018
Where he serves: Branches Youth, Intern

Zack is a high school senior born and raised here in Scappoose! He is currently serving on the Branches Youth team. As an Intern, Zack is reading the bible and other books on a regular basis while encouraging others to do the same. He is helping the Youth Team create a place where students love to hang out and grow their faith as an on stage host. His responsibility is to help tear down walls and engage the students with the content they are about to hear from God's word. You might also recognize him as the guy who makes your bagel sandwich at Scappoose Bagel! 

If you were to see Zack at the High School, you would see him helping lead club 3:16 every Wednesday at lunch in Mr. Baker's classroom. There are currently about 20 students attending that weekly so if you are a high school student or you have a high school student, encourage them to show up every Wednesday. Zack is known for his willingness to serve in any capacity without complaining or expecting anything in return. 

Zack is making a difference through serving. Not only has his life been transformed through serving on the Youth Team, he is also impacting others around him. Often times we don't realize that we can make a difference in the lives of people. We think that we have little to nothing to offer or that we don't have enough time to make a big enough impact. You might be surprised what God can do when you bring before him whatever it is you have to give. 

Jesus fed the five thousand with a little boy's lunch. Jesus took what little they had to offer, and he blessed it. As Jesus blessed it, the bread and fish multiplied and was able to go infinitely farther than any person could have made it go. What is it that you have? Give it to God and allow Him to decide how much impact it may have. 

Thanks Zack for all the time and energy you are pouring out every week!