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Small Groups

Created for community.

When it comes to moving forward in our journey of faith, it’s pretty nice to have a companion or two traveling alongside. The cool thing is that God designed it to be that way.

Whether we’re gathering in a living room, small classroom or around a dining room table, a Branches Small Group is meant to facilitate meaningful conversations of faith and create space to be vulnerable, courageous, and cared for in the process.

Are you looking to take a step forward in your faith journey? Are you open to exploring what it would look like to do so in the context of a small community group? Let us know! We’d love to get you connected.

Hi, I'm Sandra!

First and foremost, I am a wholehearted follower of Jesus. There is no doubt that without Him, I’d be sunk.
Familiar with heartache, God has introduced me to a hope, peace, and joy that runs deeper than the deepest sorrow or suffering that life has dished out. In the process, I’ve been gripped by the reality that my security and significance are deeply rooted in my risen Lord and that He’s the answer to all of our deepest needs.
The outflow? As the Branches Small Groups Director and Leader’s Coach, I am compelled by love to offer others what I, myself, have received. Reconciliation with Jesus, community with others and influence in the world.