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The Rhythm of Reading

Reading the Bible

"The Bible Says” has more meaning to it than we give it credit for. Jesus's resurrection isn’t true because the Bible says it. The Bible says it because the resurrection is true. The stories in the Bible aren't fairy tales, they are a recounting of what actually happened. The Bible contains writings from more than 40 authors spanning 1600 years, with eyewitness accounts supporting the narratives found within. Jesus's life alone has more historical, corroborated evidence than most historical leaders we learn about in school. It isn't something we should simply dismiss. In fact, if we are Jesus followers and we are not regularly engaging with God's word, we are missing out on knowing who God is, who He has called us to be, and what He has called us to do.

This Sunday, I challenged every one to prioritize time with God, in His word. (The Bible) Actually, not only did I challenge us, so did Lissa, who spent the last 12 months reading all the way through the bible, front to back. The impact it had on her life over this last year is remarkable! If you missed hearing her story, check it out by clicking here. If you would like to join her and many others in reading the bible regularly in 2020, click here and start this one year bible plan.

While a commitment like this may seem overwhelming at first, you won't get to the end of this year and regret having spent time reading God's word.

Want to Learn More?

I just finished reading this book by Peter J. Williams. He is a biblical scholar and in this short, concise, easy to read book, Peter helps us understand how credible the four gospels are, just on a historical level. There are more reasons to trust the gospels than many of our history books we use in school. If you are interested in learning more, you can buy this book on Amazon here.